Choice of Repairer

A reminder of the importance to ensure you select choice of repairer in your policy and educate yourself about how and why insurers do what they do. Some insurers are now charging an additional fee for the option of choosing your own repairer. If you want to be able to continue to use a repairer that you trust you must select this option or change to an insurer that offers you a choice.

Some insurers include choice of repairer in their policy. However, some insurance policies refuse the freedom to choose your own repairer as well as some that have made it so that it is an extra cost on top of your current policy and require you to select “Choice of Repairer” or “Any Repairer” when choosing your motor vehicle insurance policy. We believe that as it is your car, it should always be your choice. Your insurer may encourage you to use their preferred repairer, but it is not always compulsory. Having the freedom to use your choice of repairer can help make the process of getting your vehicle repaired a lot smoother by being able to choose a repairer you trust or one that specializes in particular types of cars to ensure you get the best quality service possible for your vehicles.

To find out if you have a choice in repairer, we highly encourage you to read the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) from your insurer very carefully before choosing or changing your insurance policy.