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Know Your Rights

At Gold Coast Collision Centre, we are committed to providing customers with accurate information regarding their rights following an accident. There is a lot of confusing information out there which makes it hard to know what your rights are following an accident. The most important thing to know is that you, the customer has the right to choose who repairs your vehicle.  In QLD and NSW, it is illegal for insurance companies to tell you where your car must be repaired.

Shonky Smash Repairers – Choice Magazine (2014)

Not at fault in an accident

If you are in an accident and not at fault you have the right to use a like for like replacement vehicle for the duration of the repairs.  Our replacement vehicles are provided by Compass Claims, who specialise in providing vehicles for car owners who are not at fault in an accident. Compass Claims can deliver your vehicle be it a standard, luxury or commercial vehicle, to Gold Coast Collision Centre to your office or even your home.  You won’t have to pay the cost of the vehicle, that cost is covered by the at fault drivers Insurance policy. For those who at fault in an accident or the at fault party is not insured we have our own free courtesy vehicles. These vehicles are subject to availability.